Fox and Hounds

Tadley Hill

Date of Visit:1st June 2002

Audio Notes (recorded on site)

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Reviewer: Graeme Stickings ( )
The Fox and Hounds is a country town pub in Tadley, Hampshire. It sits on the main road opposite the supermarket and library. The pub dates back to the 1900's and is part of the Scottish & Newcastle group. This pub caters for families and even has swings and a climbing funhouse and slide for young children to play on in the back garden. This is a pub I like to go to when I am staying in Hampshire and visiting Tadley.
As I was photographing the pub sign I was asked what I was doing by a member of staff, so I had to confide that this was for a pub food guide I do as a hobby.
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Garlic Bread
Steak & Gravy pie, peas, Jacket potato
Chocolate Dome Cake
Drink: 2 large Diet Colas
Availability 11:00 to 9:30
Garlic Bread Standard Three pieces of a baguette, moist and succulent with a garlic & herb butter (See image using link above)
Waiting Time
Main 6 minutes
Garlic Bread 14 minutes (There was some admin mix up which delayed it)
Dessert 8 minutes
Quality of Service Reasonably high. The cutlery was brought to my table and the staff seemed friendly enough. There was a minor glitch over the garlic bread, but was sorted out quickly as soon as I raised it.
Menu Variety The menu has the following sections for: Starters, Snacks Light bites; Sandwiches; Jacket Potatoes; Burgers; Main Grills; Main Courses; Extras; Desserts. Tea & Coffee is available.
Ambience Everything is on the same level. The seating consists of traditional wooden tables and chairs. The walls are decorated with old historic prints. I counted 4 electronic gaming machines. They have a pool table, Sky Sports and a Juke box. In the back garden the seating is reminiscent of traditional picnic tables and there is a set of swings, a climbing frame and a climbing house/ slide for the children. (See images using links above)
Quality of Food  The meal was quite delightful in every way, The fox and Hounds is the only local pub at the time that seemed to be doing steak pies, whereas the others do not offer this, maybe pies are a northern delicacy ?? (See image using link above)

I had wanted the lemon merangue pie, but they had run out the previous day, the chocolate dome cake was a delightful substitute. The desert was quite a work of art visually (See image using link above) the green leaf-like items were made out of the same kind of material that they used for sweet flying saucers they used to sell in the 1970's. Taste wise it was a chocoholics delight

Tie in with bar  Able to by the drinks and the food at the same place and order extra drinks from table.
Facilities  Toilets are on the ground floor

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